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L2Freedom [ADM-Mustaine]
April 23, 2022

I am aware of what happened yesterday on the server that was down. For that reason I made the decision this Saturday to do a double rates event for the only time as a way to make up for lost time, all the raidbosses will also be placed online.

Geodata was added, therefore you should no longer have a problem with mobs and certain spawns.

The mod (Shift + Click) was added, to be able to see the drop and the spoil of the mobs, for those who do not know or do not contain the L2Data.

A fix was placed on the Raid Reward npc, to solve the problem that was giving some players only 2 skills (Test), if it doesn't work, we will continue working with it.

We are going to be replacing the topzone vote, since we do not have an implemented command for that ranking with another, we will keep you updated on the web and in the whatsapp group.

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L2Freedom [ADM-Mustaine]
Fixed npc Raid Reward. From now on, those who request a 3rd profession buff skill will drop to level 65. And they will have the requested skill. That way, when requesting t...
25 April, 2022
L2Freedom [ADM-Mustaine]
In order to trade Raid Coin, you should replace the following file in the system folder.
22 April, 2022

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